Closing the talent gap: Attracting and retaining top third graduates to a career in teaching

What would it take to systematically attract—and retain—top students to a teaching career in the United States?


  • Dylan Wiliam

    The market for rental textbooks right now is an artifact of the fact that digital purchases cannot be re-sold. If the first purchase doctrine were applied to digital works, then much of this analysis would be challenged. Currently, applying the first purchase doctrine to digital works is problematic, because it is assumed that such goods are non-rivalrous (i.e., that people can give away, and keep, the digital works they have bought). However, Amazon, and other publishers of digital works, have already managed to secure pretty good security for their works, in order to prevent copying. Ultimately, how all this plays out may depend on the Supreme Court.

  • 11_11_8

    The publishers & authors can collaborate to start a library like institution to let people read by paying a reasonable fee for every visit to the institution. Schools & educational institutions can also be geared in the scheme to let the students & general public take maximum advantage of this knowledge sharing a reality.

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