Themes Tackling Youth Unemployment

Globally, 75 million young people are unemployed, but businesses can't find enough skilled workers to fill job vacancies. How can a country tackle the Education to Employment challenge?

Meister High Schools

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About Meister Schools

Established in 2010, the network of Meister Schools is specifically designed to prepare youths to work in high-skilled manufacturing jobs and other fields. They also seek to encourage a higher sense of status for such positions.

By the numbers

Trainee education level

Keys to operations

  • Near-guarantee of employment to graduates
  • Industry-supported curriculum design, with focus on developing skills required by various trades
  • Internships expose students to the workplace
  • Increased status of vocational education
  • Strong support from the national government


4 responses to “Meister High Schools”

  1. There is a huge potential to replicate the model in India with more than one million schools. A few non profits have done systematic work in integrating vocational curriculum at the high school level, but the program needs patronage by government and industries to achieve a scale.

  2. Joe Ching'ani, Lilongwe, Malaw says:

    What a Great System to impart Knowledge and Skills which are relevant and useful to Trainees and Society. Where are you Africa?

  3. Allan G. Bleiken, Ec.D. says:

    The whole concept of education has to change, especially in North America. For far too long, educators isolated in the Ivory Tower, have decided on course development and content. While this may have worked in the past, we now need a much more flexible and responsive educational system that is integrated with the needs of society. Educators need to listen and respond to industry as well as students. Young people of today are far different that the students of the past. Unfortunately, much of the education system is bogged down in historic concepts and privileges. This needs to change.

  4. Shailesh Chaudhari says:

    Skill is a very expendable area where Indian youth can enjoy to grow better

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