Themes Tackling Youth Unemployment

Globally, 75 million young people are unemployed, but businesses can't find enough skilled workers to fill job vacancies. How can a country tackle the Education to Employment challenge?
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On December 10, 2012, thought leaders from Bogota, Geneva, Delhi, and Washington, DC, came together to discuss Education to Employment

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College for all

Massive open online courses can now reach millions around the world. This new way of teaching and learning is poised to usher in a new system of credentialing that may compete with college degrees within a decade.

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Realizing youth potential

Moataz Al Alfi of Egypt Kuwait Holding Company, describes the severe mismatch in the Middle East between the skills employers need and the skills youth learn in schools.

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Youth employment in Africa: what to do when informal is normal

Shantayanan Devarajan explains that for at least another generation, most young Africans will work in the informal economy. Governments need to provide young people with basic reading and math skills to enable them to succeed in agricultural and home-based enterprises and perhaps move into the formal sector.

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Webinar: Jobs for the Young & Restless

As the global economic malaise lingers, youth around the world have been particularly hard hit, registering disturbingly high unemployment numbers, from the United States and Europe to Africa and the Middle East.

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Education for employment

Realizing Arab youth potential through education that leads to improved employment prospects. This is an IFC-Islamic Development Bank report based on the findings of a study done by McKinsey & Company.

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