Video Contest: Calling All Social Innovators

Steve Davis

Director of Social Innovation, McKinsey & Company

Steve Davis leads the Social Innovation Practice, where he oversees our work with philanthropic organizations—private/family foundations, community foundations and corporate foundations—and social entrepreneurs and investors engaged in tackling some of the world’s largest social problems. He also advises companies on their corporate social responsibility strategies. He is a core leader of the Social Sector Office. Steve joined in 2008, following over ten years as the CEO of Corbis, a global digital media leader.

Steve’s work has included the design and set-up of complex partnerships and social sector organizations, supporting new tools and innovations in the sector, and helping organizations scale-up their operations to enhance their social impact. He has also focused extensively on global health issues and has long experience in China. He has also led studies on NGO leadership during the economic downturn.  Steve is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a Senior Fellow at the University of Washington’s Law &Technology Program. He holds a J.D. at Columbia University School of Law, an M.A. at University of Washington and a B.A at Princeton University.

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