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Khadiga FahmyIFC
Peter HumiCNN

Jobs for the Young & Restless

Tuesday, June 26th at 8:00am EDT / 2:00pm CEST.
Panel discussion and live Q&A

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Live Webinar
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

8:00am EDT / 2:00pm CEST

As the global economic malaise lingers, youth around the world have been particularly hard hit, registering disturbingly high unemployment numbers, from the United States and Europe to Africa and the Middle East. This, even as many jobs go begging for lack of skilled labor. In McKinsey’s inaugural issues of Voices on Society, we convened leading thinkers on the topic of global youth unemployment and job creation. From the World Bank’s Chief Economist on Africa, Shantayaran Devarajan, to The White House Council for Community Solutions Chairman, Patty Stonesifer, Voices features thoughtful commentary, debate and video.

It is under that same theme of “Jobs for the Young and Restless” that we have brought together experts to further discuss the topic of youth unemployment and global labor markets. On June 26th at 8:00am EDT / 2:00pm CEST, former CNN Paris bureau chief Peter Humi led a discussion with experts on this important issue that threatens global economic prospects.

Panel Discussion

Richard Dobbs
Director, McKinsey Global Institute


Khadiga Fahmy
Program Manager, Middle East and North Africa, IFC


Henri-Bernard Solignac-Lecomte
Senior Economist, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


Peter Humi
Former Bureau Chief, CNN Paris

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