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Colleges and universities in the United States are coming up with innovative ways to attract and keep students, while open online courses are making it possible for millions around the world to get advanced degrees. But is college even necessary in the 21st century? Many people have weighed in — and you can too.

Credentials that work

Digital education can deliver affordable, flexible credentials that work for both students and employers.

The $4,000 bachelor’s degree

How a digital university eliminated tuition.


College for all

Massive open online courses can now reach millions around the world. This new way of teaching and learning is poised to usher in a new system of credentialing that may compete with college degrees within a decade.

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Does a traditional college education in the US still make sense given the costs and the state of the economy?

Between April and June 2012, hundreds of people weighed in on the debate, offering their opinions, submitting comments, and even changing their minds. Ultimately, 68% of people believe a traditional college education makes sense. Tell us what you think.


Winning by degrees: The strategies of highly productive higher-education institutions

The US could dramatically increase the number of people who earn higher-education degrees, if it applies the winning strategies of highly productive colleges and universities.

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