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If you’re a nonprofit, you have a lot think about besides your overall mission — whether it’s evaluating your own organization, considering a partnership with one in government or the private sector, or trying to understand and navigate your role as an advocate. With a suite of tools, articles, and reports from the field, we help you sort through the issues and point you toward exciting new opportunities.


Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool

A free online tool that helps non profits assess their operational capacity and identify strengths and areas for improvement.


From Potential to Action: Bringing Social Impact Bonds to the U.S.

They've caught on in the UK, but can social impact bonds work in the US? An extensive report analyzes the SIBs opportunity.


Needs-based segmentation: Helping nonprofits take outreach to the next level

Research shows that needs and attitudes are more important than demographics or behaviors in determining how people engage in social issues.

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Learning for Social Impact

What best practices should foundations follow in assessing social impact? Why is now the moment to move forward on assessment? How can foundations work together to achieve sector-wide change?


The power of storytelling: What nonprofits can teach the private sector about social media

Learn how to harness the power of social media in this case study excerpted from The Dragonfly Effect, by Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith.


Learning to navigate the advocacy maze

Pushing for legislative action on an issue is messy and unpredictable, but a better understanding of advocacy activities can yield significant rewards for nonprofits and foundations.


Bridging the information gap: A path to a stronger nonprofit marketplace

The social sector must capture, analyze, and use information on nonprofit organizational performance and social impact more effectively.

The dynamic nonprofit board

Corporations aren’t alone in focusing on governance; rigorous oversight of management and performance is increasingly important for nonprofits too.

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