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We can’t think about improving education without examining institutions at the school-system level. To that end, McKinsey on Society investigates how to update and expand teacher training, how to close the talent and achievement gap, and how to effectively mine a school system’s budget, as well as celebrates those schools that have not only improved but keep getting better.

Wiring students for success

Don’t believe the skeptics: digital technology really can help teachers improve educational outcomes.


Beyond the classroom

Some of the funds needed to improve teacher quality may already be in a school system’s budget—they just have to be found and reallocated.


How the world’s most improved school systems keep getting better

How does a school system with poor performance become good? And how does one with good performance become excellent? Our education report explains.

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Why US education is ready for investment

As education transforms, the traditional and highly limited openings for private companies are growing wider. Investors should take note.


Breaking the habit of ineffective professional development for teachers

Many school systems invest in professional development as a habit, offering the same set of teacher-training courses each year. But some promising ideas could change that.


Closing the talent gap: Attracting and retaining top third graduates to a career in teaching

What would it take to systematically attract—and retain—top students to a teaching career in the United States?


Redesigning the school-district central office to deliver better value

When designed effectively, these centers ensure that schools achieve their shared performance goals. Learn more from the Annenberg Institute for School Reform Voices in Urban Education series.


The economic impact of the achievement gap in America’s schools

McKinsey's research finds that the education achievement gap in the United States imposes the economic equivalent of a permanent recession on the nation.


How the world’s best-performing schools come out on top

Why is it that some school systems consistently perform well and improve faster than others? McKinsey studied 25 across the globe to find out.

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