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One thing that countries all over the world have in common: their cities are growing at a record pace. We examine the challenges that come with this growth, as well as the opportunities, offering a series of articles and a podcast that tackle urban planning, governing, and even reconsider the very idea of what a city is.


Innovating for a better city

In New York City government—much like at Bloomberg LP—three key approaches have helped us get around challenges to drive innovation forward.


When cities rule the world

The 21st century will not be dominated by America or China, Brazil or India, but by The City.


Urban squatters save the world

Cities have always created wealth, and have always been a population sink. Still, a world now more than half urban and headed toward 80 percent urban by mid-century is something new in history.

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Planning China’s megacities

Nothing about megacities should be organic or left to chance; they must be planned and managed in a careful and innovative way.


At home in the aerotropolis

Rather than banish airports to the edge of town and then do our best to avoid them, the authors believe we will build this century’s cities around them.


An audio interview with Ayesha Khanna

As the world urbanizes, the first smart cities with state-of-the-art networking and monitoring technology are beginning to open for business. To find out what life will be like in a place where everything from your health stats to your workplace is constantly monitored, we turned to Ayesha Khanna, managing partner of Hybrid Realities, an advisory


China’s cities in the sky

China now has a historic chance to reinvent not only its cities but the very idea of a city. The choices that its city leaders make will shape not only its buildings but also its society, and indeed the world.

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