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Education to Employment Video

Young people today are three times as likely as their parents to be out of work. Yet many employers can’t find people with the right entry-level skills to fill their jobs. How to close the gap? In this video, McKinsey directors Diana Farrell and Mona Mourshed share insights from our research with 8,000 stakeholders.


The Fair to Good Journey: Louisiana

The Louisiana school system improved its own report card, making the challenging journey from fair performance to good.

A healthcare vision for Nigeria

Given the size of our population and the prevalence of preventable diseases, it is clearly possible to save at least one million lives over the next three years by expanding access to well-known, cost-effective interventions.

Delivery 2.0

How governments can deliver better, faster, cheaper outcomes, and be seen to do so. We have seen governments around the world use Delivery 2.0 to meet their challenges—even in times of crisis.

Human capital

Business leaders have every incentive to create sustainable growth models. If we don’t do it, we’ll sink. Moreover, companies that figure out how to grow sustainably will have a real competitive advantage.


Diagramming a vertical farm

To be truly sustainable, cities must also learn to produce at least a portion of their own food. The Vertical Farm Project estimates that a 30-story, 3 million-square-foot building could easily feed 10,000 city dwellers based on today’s technology.


The ONE Campaign chairman discusses social innovation

McKinsey’s Lynn Taliento interviews Tom Freston, chairman of the ONE Campaign, about current trends in social innovation—and what’s on the horizon.


Innovate Video Contest

Congratulations and thank you to every organization who participated by submitting a video to the Social Innovation Video Contest. We had close to 150 video submissions from over 30 countries around the world, addressing every type of social challenge. From sanitation to clean water, solar energy to human rights, we received an amazingly diverse and


International Lessons for US Schools

McKinsey led forum on global education policy and the international models that could reform an underperforming American school system.


Infographic: Activists, pundits, quiet followers, oh my

Needs-based segmentation can help non-profits develop more effective, targeted communications and advocacy approaches.

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