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What is Social Impact AssessmentTo achieve social change, the social sector must identify what approaches work, and why. Read more
How does Social Impact Assessment work?We designed an approach called Learning Driven Assessment to help stakeholders increase impact. Read more
Launch the toolWe’ve developed an interactive workbook to help you create an assessment plan for your portfolio of programs. Launch

Overview: Learning Driven Assessment workbook

In Practice

LSI-profiles Resources for foundations How do foundations organize for assessment? We profiled five foundations to see what grantmakers are doing. Read more


LSI-who Who’s doing what There are a number of important initiatives underway to advance the field of social impact assessment. See what new tools and approaches are available. Read more


LSI-leaders Leaders’ perspective What are social sector leaders thinking about social impact assessment? We asked 30 of the sector’s thinkers and doers. Read more


LSI-videos Hear about social impact assessment from four practitioners who have been instrumental in shaping the field and the architect of McKinsey’s Learning Driven Assessment approach. They share lessons from the past and look into the future. Read more

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