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The $250 billion question: Can China close the skills gap?

China's companies are failing to find the highly skilled employees they need, while workers find themselves ill-prepared for the jobs that are available.

Voice of the Graduate

College-graduation rates in the United States—once the envy of the world—have been lagging in recent years.

The Fair to Good Journey: Louisiana

The Louisiana school system improved its own report card, making the challenging journey from fair performance to good.

Transforming learning through mEducation

Mobile-education solutions could revolutionize learning for more than a billion students globally, as well as become a revenue opportunity for mobile operators.

Breaking the habit of ineffective professional development for teachers

Many school systems invest in professional development as a habit, offering the same set of teacher-training courses each year. But some promising ideas could change that.

Education for employment: Realizing Arab youth potential

The Arab world has the highest youth unemployment in the world. An important report explores this issue through the lens of education.

Beyond the classroom

Some of the funds needed to improve teacher quality may already be in a school system’s budget—they just have to be found and reallocated.

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