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A novel, cost-effective path to road safety

By understanding the root causes of traffic crashes, policy makers can take steps to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on the road.

Want to transform your health system? Develop new leaders

The world's increasingly complex health systems need a culture that continually develops new leaders. Our research highlights four principles for better leadership development.

Public-private partnerships: Enabling the private sector to enhance social impact

Public-private partnerships can create a cycle of mutual benefit for all parties involved, with the private sector not just a benefactor but a beneficiary as well.

Cutting costs: The great health-care challenge of the century

McKinsey outlines seven reforms that address supply and demand in the health-care market and may help to curb ever-increasing spending.

A better way to speed the adoption of vaccines

Nearly 11 million children die every year due to a lack of vaccination programs. McKinsey research suggests that network analysis, a business-improvement technique, could change this.

Sustainable health insurance: A global perspective for India

India has a great opportunity—and also faces a huge challenge—when it comes to providing health insurance for its large population.

Health care in Africa: A vital role for the private sector

A report that draws on McKinsey research found that the private sector could provide 60 percent of the funds that Sub-Saharan Africa needs to improve its health care.

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