Expertise Sustainability

Questions and answers on the circular economy

The next frontier in sustainability is to re-use products to extract their value before disposing of them. How can this be done?

Resource revolution: Tracking global commodity markets

Commodity prices, though off recent peaks, still reflect emerging-market demand, a challenging geology, innovative technology, and improved resource productivity.

How to make a city great

What does it take to advance a city's economic, environmental, and social performance? Our research and interviews with global city leaders make clear that there is no single path.

How to make Green Growth the new normal

This article is based on a speech given by Jeremy Oppenheim at the 2012 Global Green Growth Forum in Copenhagen.

A sustainable fish story

Given proper incentives and guidelines, recreational anglers can help build healthy fisheries.

McKinsey on Sustainability & Resource Productivity

Our goal is to present insights and approaches that organizations can use to transform how they manage resources and drive sustainable growth.

Expansion vs. sustainability: India takes on the green-growth challenge

India has the potential to reduce its energy consumption without compromising its prospects for continued rapid growth.

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