Section Trabajo Movil

Section Kisan Raja

Smart Irrigation Automation Solution for Indian Farmers Kisan Raja solution allows the farmers to remotely control the agricultural motor using his mobile or landline. An IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) in local language helps in making selections for switching ON or OFF. Farmers also receive voice alerts for faulty power supply, motor not starting, lack of water in the well/bore, and attempt of device/ motor theft.

Section Providing Transparency in Development

My father recently visited the town of Gilgit in northern Pakistan to observe the development work of an NGO that my family has supported for the past 20 years. During his visit, he noticed a disconnect between the immense work that was being done and how much donors knew about such work. We as donors rarely have insight into what projects our money is funding and what impact we are having. NGOmapper aims to tackle this lack of knowledge amongst the donor community. It provides donors with: 1) Visibility into what specific projects NGOs are working on. 2) Control over how their donations are being spent. NGOs can integrate the NGOMapper plugin on their websites, plot the location of their development projects, their expected impact, and the allocated funding. By giving donors visibility, control, and more insight, they have more incentive to donate because they know what impact they are having.

Section World Wide We

World Wide We ( is developing a social networking platform that will enable people to easily connect, share and act together to bring about positive social and environmental change across the globe. It is owned by the community for the community.

Section Voxiva text4baby

Voxiva is a global pioneer in delivering interactive mobile health services. Voxiva developed text4baby, the nations largest mobile health initiative with over 250,000 subscribers and more than 675 outreach partners across the country. Text4baby, a service that is free to the end user, sends educational messages to pregnant women and new moms with timely information based on where they are in their pregnancy or baby’s development.

Section Kshare Etuda

Give a man a fish and he will eat. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself and others. A simple truism that is often forgotten. Knowledge is the key to personal advancement and accomplishment. Yet over the years societies have literally moved to lock knowledge up behind the doors of schools and institutions. In doing so, we seem to have forgotten the importance of sharing our knowledge and also the value of direct transmission of knowledge and wisdom. Etuda. com; currently in beta testing, is a service that helps to address this challenge. Etuda is a knowledge community and marketplace. What makes the service unique is that it matches community and sharing functions with an online classroom. The class has a whiteboard, chat function and allows for the uploading of a variety of media including presentations and video. Knowledge delivery can be one to one or one to many. Classes can be in real time or archived. The system can also be used to create virtual study and knowledge sharing groups. The service has infinite possibilities. A teacher could bring experts into the classroom to help students learn cutting edge technologies. An entrepreneur in Brazil could reach out to one of the skilled but long term unemployed in the US to seek out and purchase their knowledge. Scientists and activists dealing with complex environmental problems can interact and share knowledge on important topics or create classes to help educate people on important ideas related to sustainable living. People who once had to learn new and complex ideas from books can also attend classes and study groups led by authors. Etuda is all about moving knowledge exchange out of the sole purview of schools and institutions and quite literally setting it free. We plan to help people wise up faster.

Section Unexus is all about you and the context for your ideas. We help our users to understand what you know and how it connects with the people around you and the world at large. More importantly, ties together a growing and dynamic network of innovation pioneers just like you, giving you the tools to keep in step and retain a footing in a rapidly changing landscape.

Section Give Forward

GiveForward provides personalized fundraising pages and coaching that empower friends and family to answer the question “What can I do to help?” when a loved one is in need.

Section Whive Social Media Services (SMS)

Whive (Web Hive) is a Social Media Platform built for Africa. Leveraging on SMS (Short Message Service) we have been able to build a localized service that allows people to access important information and knowledge through their simple mobile phones. Partnering with organizations like Nokia Corporation we have been able to roll out our mobile application in local languages like Swahili to over 13,000 people in just 2 months. Already we have 100,000 plus individuals in our network and we plan to have about 500,000 using our platform by mid 2012. Whive has not just become an application for Africa but one that is being increasingly adopted in South East Asia. With your help we will take Whive to the World and bring this simple but necessary service to the rest of the world. Thank You and Join The Bee Revolution at

Section CrowdPesa: Mapping Mobile Money

The growth and use of mobile money solution has brought innovations and revolutionized the way people approach mobile money ecosystem, mobile banking but also m-commerce. Today the impact of mobile money solutions like M-Pesa in Kenya has given Africa a new and positive future. CrowdPesa is a Web and Mobile application with a mapping system that allows businesses to locate themselves in a map and facilitate users to find the location of the nearest financial service on their mobile phone. Our goal is to map financial services around the world to allow our users to do their transactions easily and to not only save time but also to rely on our service. We aim to propel our services to a global perspective through partnership with different network operators such as Safaricom in Kenya, Samsung, Western Union, Moneygram, as well as various banks, financial and research institutions. Let’€™s join our hands and spread mobile money around the World for a Connected Future. Welcome to

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